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Risk Tool Overview

Welcome to the Risk Information Tool, a project of the Forest Legality Alliance produced in cooperation with partners around the world. This tool is designed to present useful information about the sourcing of forest products. You can search our content by country or by species to find specific information.

The current version is Phase 1 of the tool, showing information about the forest products trade and relevant legality information by country and species. Information is added in increments; please check back frequently for information on additional countries and species of interest to the trade. Please see our disclaimer here.

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Forest Legality Basics

Illegal logging can be usefully defined as the harvest, transport, sale, or purchasing of timber in violation of local, national, or international law. For the purposes of this tool, "forest legality" means the set of conditions that allows the harvest and trade of forest products that comply with applicable local, national, and international legal frameworks.

The Forest Legality Basics page provides broad-scale information and background on these legal frameworks and related issues - including CITES, "due care" under the Lacey Act, export bans, plantation forestry, and the role of certification - and what they imply for the trade in forest products.

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The Forest Legality Alliance is grateful for the financial support of our funding partners, including the Sustainable Forestry Initiative through its Conservation & Community Partnerships Grant Program, in the development of this tool.

You can find out more about them and their work here.

Content Partners

A number of organizations have graciously provided content and expertise in the creation of the Risk Information Tool. Read more about them here.